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VSCO.NET - The virtual society of clinical oncology was founded as an independent internet platform for healthcare professionals working in the field of hematology and oncology. The idea was to bundle all accessible knowledge and experience of the oncology community in one place and to provide an open, free-of-charge source of information.

VSCO.NET is financed by online advertising and sponsorship. All informations provided by this site, which has been "paid for" is highlighted in another color to a) attract attention and b) declare its commercial source. Therefore, physicians and other health-care professionals can distinguish between sponsored and non-sponsored information - between colleagues and industry partners as in "real life".

Advertising and Sponsorship

VSCO.NET kindly asks for your support of this site - your company can improve the usefulness of VSCO.NET! We encourage placement of clear, scientific information instead of flashing, colorful pictures (like banners). Also, we do not support targeted advertising as we believe that this could disrupt the confidence of the healthcare professionals and the independence of VSCO.NET.

Your advantages with VSCO.NET:

* A broad community of healthcare professionals
* Science instead of nonsense
* A clear user interface without disturbing, flashing advertisments
* Fair competitor policy - your information will be accessible to all users independent of the advertisment costs

The online products:

* NEWS: You can place sponsored news either for single nations or internationally. We encourage important messages to the community, e. g. scientific abstracts about your products, the approval of a new drug, scientific meetings supported by your company, warnings about new adverse events
* Knowledge-Database: You can add a variety of files or links to the KDB. E. g. product information (as PDF), slide presentations, videos, links to your website, etc
* VSCO Calendar: Here you can inform the users about upcoming events like meetings or educational sessions that you support.
* Meet the expert / live meetings: You can sponsor virtual meetings

For advertising, sponsorship and information, you can reach us:

Email: ads (at)
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