VSCO.NET - Virtual Society of Clinical Oncology

VSCO.NET, the Virtual Society of Clinical Oncology was founded as an internet-platform by physicians for professionals in the field of oncology. VSCO.NET is independent from interests of industry or health organizations. The aim is a global network and access to shared resources.

Register with VSCO.NET today! You can either found a new "VSCO.NET center" or join an existing center. A "center" is your institute / clinic at VSCO.NET.

You can join VSCO by simply registering on our website. This is free of charge. You will not receive any "newsletter" or commercials from VSCO. To suppport the community and to enhance the clincial work of all members, we ask you to make contributions to the VSCO.NET resources (texts, study protocols, discussions, chemotherapy protocols, etc).


Oncology news

News are current topics in the field of oncology. They are provided by the industry ("sponsored news") as well as by VSCO.NET users ("independent news"). The sponsored news are highlighted so that they can be clearly distinguished from the other news. As soon as you are a member, you can write and submit news of your own in the form of an abstract (e. g. a summary of an interesting article which you have read). Additionally, the news page contains a congress-/meeting calendar to inform you about national and international meetings.

ChemoBOS - The software solution for chemotherapy orders

ChemoBOS is an intuitive, easy-to-use chemotherapy software that allows you to create chemotherapy orders for your patients. There are over 100 pre-installed "public" protocols that you can use and copy to your own "center" protocols. It is very easy to design your own protocols, which you can share with the VSCO.NET community or simply use for your patients.

Helpful support for the clinic routine

The OncoTools are a collection of helpful tools for the daily clinical routine, which can facilitate patient care. The integrated tumor stagers support and standardize the calculation of tumor stages or risk scores. The emergency modules provide helpful information for the treatment of oncological emergencies such as extravasations or neutropenic fever. Try OncoTools for yourself!

Communicate with the world!

The TumorBoard offers forums ("boards"), in which you can present patients/cases within your center, nation-wide, or even internationally. Additionally, you can discuss current topics with your colleagues in the center-internal boards or join a national/international discussion.

The knowledge of oncology

In the KnowledgeDB you can share all documents, presentations, pictures, movies either internally (with your center) or with the VSCO.NET community. Likewise you benefit from the knowledge and the resources, which other users share. The KnowledgeDB can gather (almost) any file format and offers a high potential to collect oncological knowledge in one place. Please support VSCO.NET so that the VSCO.NET community can support you!